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Zap Labeler applies labels as quickly and precisely as label applicator machines costing over 5 times as much. We are able to offer such a quality label applicator at such a low cost because we machine the parts and assemble the labelers in our own shop, and then sell them directly to you. No distributor and retailer markup is added to the price and no shipping costs from China. We’re happy to say Zap Labeler is made right here in the USA. You’ll be happy when you see how quickly and easily your containers get labeled.

Our label applicator machine will take self-adhesive roll labels from 8” to 12” in diameter on a 3” core. Practical minimum container width is about a half inch, with a practical maximum width of about 12 inches depending on the label orientation.

Labeling square, flat and oval containers has always been a problem for small businesses. Semi-automatic label applicators for square, oval and tapered bottles have been so expensive that many people just continue to label by hand and it’s very hard to get it right. When the label is even slightly off, it looks terrible. Our labeling machine gets it right every time, with every application!

Return Information

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping costs within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Product Info Sheet
Label Orientation Chart

Zap Labeler is the affordable solution for applying self adhesive roll labels to:

Round & Cylindrical  Containers
Square & Faceted Containers
Oval Containers
Tapered Containers
Flat Containers
CDs and DVDs
Mylar Pouches
Paper Bags & More



We’re so convinced you’ll love Zap Labeler that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Quickly, effectively and precisely label
up to 1000 containers  an hour!

Save time and money with Zap Labeler!

Our labeling machines are very precise in their label placement.
I was able to lay 50 labels right on top of each other in under 3 minutes with the Laser Indexing Module!

Zap Labeler - ZL8

Zap Labeler - ZL10

Speed & Ease of Use Demonstration

Oval Container Demonstration

Shipping Information

All orders are shipped out within 4 business days. Domestic orders are sent by UPS Ground and all international orders are sent USPS International Priority Mail.

Zap Labeler - ZL5

Warranty Information

Should anything break on your Zap Labeler through normal use, we will repair or replace free of charge for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Call 1-800-617-5251 to place your order
OR choose your labeler to the right
and complete your transaction online!

Square Container Demonstration

Click here to see how to pick the right
label orientation for your container!
Click here to download and view our product information sheet in PDF format.

Bag & Pouch Demonstration

*This shows only some of the many types of items that
Zap Labeler can label. Please call for more info! 1-800-617-5251

ZL5: for label rolls up to
5” wide and
8” in diameter

Pay by credit card or Paypal.

ZL8: for label rolls up to
7.5” wide and 10.5” in diameter

Pay by credit card or Paypal.


ZL10: for label rolls up to
10” wide and 12” in diameter

Pay by credit card or Paypal.

Return On Investment
Machine Setup

Setup is as simple as adjusting the horizontal and vertical guide rails to your container, feeding label material and setting the start point for your labels.

Our labeling machine is maintenance free. The Laser Indexing Module uses two easily replaceable AA batteries. 

Operation is a  smooth process of applying your label, advancing the material and labeling the next container. Depending on the container you can easily label from 500 to 1000 containers an hour.

Save money by choosing our label applicator over the expensive competition. Save on labor costs by dramatically reducing the time it takes to label your product.

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At just $449, the Zap Labeler comes to the rescue.

Square Container W/Lip Demo

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